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Our main aim is to be recognized as a company who deliver complete customer satisfaction. We provide complete, advanced and professional services for termites, cockroaches, rats, silverfish, mice, rodents, ants etc. We use only the best and guaranteed chemicals in the market and with the dedicated and technically qualified and trained service personnel, we have proved ourselves competent enough to handle and complete any volume of pest control assignments.

Anti Termite Treatment

Termites, popularly known as white ants, are voracious eaters and feed on everything other than metal. Hence any building is susceptible to attack from these hideous creatures. After attacking the foundation, they make there way upwards rapidly, destroying everything that comes in their way. This treatment of ours, implemented in an innovation fashion creates an impregnable chemical barrier around the area of Construction and safeguards your building completely for 5 years.

  • The treatment comprises of drilling holes at the wall and floor junction with one foot gap interval with depth of 4.5 max 5 inches we will pumping sufficient qty termiticide as per is i.e. Indian standard
  • The treatment compromise of drilling holes at the wall and wood junction with four foot gap interval with depth of 4 inches we will pumping sufficient qty termiticide as per is i.e. Indian standard
  • If it is total structure covered with concealed wiring ,we will check each junction boxes thoroughly with help of chemical emulsion.(oil based)
  • The external treatment comprises of drilling holes at the soiled and wall junction level filling it after pumping with sufficient qty termiticide as per is i.e. Indian standard
  • Treatment to wooden structure and wooden flooring The following treatment will be carried out as per IS i.e. Indian standards Particularly the wooden flooring and structures will be drilled with holes for every one-foot gap intervals with a width of 6mm and depth of 4.5 inches (Max 5 Inches) and we will pump the wood preservative chemical emulsion so as to reach the soil directly. The entry points will then be closed with wax substance. The wooden structures that are fixed to the wall such as wardrobes will be treated thoroughly with the chemical in the same manner as mentioned above. The concealed wiring and main junction boxes will be sprayed with the chemical. This termite control method ensures a continuous chemical barrier from termite entry and protects the treated structure continuously.

Warranty: 5 years

We shall put a board at your construction site which will simply say that the termite control treatment of your building has been done by NAAGAI FACILITY SERVICE. In case of comprehensive anti-termite treatment of the entire under constructed building, we give a warranty period. Any re-infestation of termites during the warranty period is treated without any extra charge.

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